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For anyone suffering with back or neck pain, Back on Track Physiotherapy offers an innovative but proven approach to deliver pain relief and return of function. Our treatment techniques have been developed by the world-renowned spine specialist- Sarah Key.


We ensure highly trained physiotherapists work with each patient to deliver individual treatments as well as helping you to understand your back and teach you to continue the healing process. When your back is causing you pain and preventing you from getting on with your everyday activities you need a physiotherapist with the skills and expertise to get you Back on Track.


At Back on Track Physiotherapy we are fully trained physiotherapists and have staff who specialise in the treatment of Back and Neck pain. The techniques that we use have been developed by world-renowned back expert, Sarah Key. Based on research carried out at major hospitals and universities, they reflect the latest knowledge of biomechanics and spinal disorders. Because the human spine is built to resist large forces, manual techniques fail to get to the root of many back problems. This is why we use the foot as a tool for mobilisation of the spine.








Sarah has been developing and refining this approach for over 30 years. Sarah introduced her method into the UK in 2002, myself (Julie) being one of her first students. I could immediately see the huge benefit to clients from every walk of life. Whatever the cause of your back or neck pain and however long you have been suffering — help is at hand from Back on Track Physiotherapy. There is nothing worse than being in pain. Back pain is so debilitating; it affects every aspect of your daily life. Our aim is to get you Back on Track and pain free as soon as possible.


If you are struggling to play your favourite sport, or after a few hours in the garden, or after playing a round of golf, or even just getting up from a seat, then we can help.


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Understanding Back Pain

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Understanding Back Pain

The Importance of Sitting Well PDF

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